3-Pack DB-20x20 MERV 8 Filter Replacement


Part Number 000-0448-003

Fits Skuttle Model DB-20-20 High-Efficiency Air Cleaner 

MERV 8 Better Quality filtration has been found to be highly effective. Under standardized testing, Skuttle’s MERV 8 high-efficiency filter media captures and holds 84.9% of airborne contaminants and pollutants ranging between 3.0 and 10.0 microns in size. For comparison, a single human hair ranges in size from 20.0 to 40.0 microns.

In addition to larger particles such as hair and pet dander, Skuttle’s MERV 8 high-efficiency filter media stops pollen, Spanish moss, dust mites, sanding dust, paint dust, textile fibers, carpet fibers, pudding mix, snuff, powdered milk, dusting aids, cement dust, hair spray, fabric protector, mold spores, and other similar size contaminants.

SAVE $5.00 per filter when you purchase Air Cleaner replacement media 3-pack! 

NOTE: Multiple sizes pictured

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